Gather high-end financial elements to build a large cooperation platform. Helping Xi’an Build Silk Road International Financial Center

Wang Yongkang and Yu Zhiqiang attended and delivered speeches

On the evening of March 12th, XI’AN and Winland Group held an exchange symposium in Beijing. Wang Yongkang (Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee)and Yu Zhiqiang, (Chairman of the Winland Group) attended and spoke at the meeting.

Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor Gao Ye, Winland Group’s Honorary Director Liu Qiang, and Legal Secretary General of Sino-French Cultural Forum Hu Xin participated.

At the forum, Wang Yongkang expressed his thanks to the Winland Group for its support for the development of Xi’an. He said that Winland Group is a benchmarking company in the international financial center project and also is the top financial platform in China. We are very pleased that Winland group can invest in the construction of Winland international financial center in xi ‘an, and gather high-end financial elements to build a large cooperation platform to help Xi’an build Silk Road International Financial Center.

Wang Yongkang stated that the financial service is the fundamental of entity economy. We sincerely hope that the Winland group can give full play to their advantages of the platform, connection and resources, and focus on the “3+1” trillion pillar industrial (high-tech, advanced manufacturing, modern services and cultural tourism) of Xi’an, and hard technology industries, military-civilian integration, innovation and entrepreneurship, and other key directions. Multi-layout business, multi-investment projects, sharing the big xi ‘an national center city construction opportunities.

Wang Yongkang pointed out that the third China-France Cultural Forum will be held in Xi’an this year. This is a major event in China-France cooperation and exchanges. It is also a great event for Xi’an to build an international metropolis that serves the “One Belt One Road” and Asia-Europe cooperation and exchanges. We look forward to the active participation of Winland group in the forum and introduce “Dragon&Horse spirit” cultural theme activities to xi ‘an, which will make xi ‘an ” Most International” this fall.

Wang Yongkang stressed that Xi’an will regard Winland Group as an important strategic partner, with the highest efficiency, best service, and the best environment, to be a good five-star “waiter”, and strive for the project landing and cooperation forming as early as possible.

Yu zhiqiang says Beijing Winland international financial center is the symbol of the internationalization of Beijing financial street, gathering 48 key global financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. It is an agglomeration of the Chinese headquarters which belong to international financial institutions. Winland has accumulated a lot of experience on how to serve high-end financial institutions, professionals and build “international financial centers. Xi’An will be full of vitality under the guidance of “One Belt One Road” policy. Winland Group will give full play to advantages on operation and high-end resource to help Xi’an build Silk Road International Financial Center.

On November 21th, 2017. Malyasia Sapura Group has pay a visit to our company.

Criic conducted a closed  talk with Sapura on project cooperation.Both parties plan to cooperate in various fields, such as housing construction, rail transit, oversea trading etc.

The Sapura Group was established in 1975, it is a 100% Malaysian-owned technology-based organization. 

From humble beginnings as a telecommunications infrastructure & service provider, the Sapura Group has expanded and diversified its businesses across five major business areas:

  Oil & Gas 
  Secured Technologies 
  Industrial & Automotive Manufacturing 
  Property Development & Education

November 15, 2017.Xi’an-Hong Kong Investment Promotion Conference, Signing ceremony of major projects was held at Hong Kong Island Shangri-La Hotel.

Pei Jingyu , Mayor of HuYi District, Xian, participated the signing ceremony as the team leader.

At the signing ceremony, three major projects which located in HuYi District were successfully signed and the total investment amounted to RMB 11.76 billion. 

Xi’an HuYi District Government and China Project Fund Management Co., Ltd. have successfully signed the “One Belt and One Road” theme park and the Silk Road cultural and human characteristics township project. The total investment of this project is 10.1 billion Yuan, which is the largest project investment in this signing ceremony. 

Xi’an HuYi District CaoTang Town Government, together with China Rainbow International Investment Co., Ltd. and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, jointly signed CaoTang Research&Study Town comprehensive development agreement and Infrastructure support projects. 

Xi’an HuYi District Balihui Ecological Development Co., Ltd. and Huijing International Group Co., Ltd. have successfully signed the Baliping Beautiful Village Ecological Leisure Park Project.
Sekjen KSPSI H Rudy Prayitno, Kadiv Subsidise PT BTN Tbk Irwandi Gafar, perwakilan BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, China Rainbow International Invesment, PT Raudhoh Citra Nusantara, dan Asosiasi Pengembang Perumahan dan Pemukiman Seluruh Indonesia (Apersi) foto bersama usai penandatanganan nota kesepahaman Program Pembangunan Satu Juta Rumah untuk Buruh, di Jakarta, Jumat (20/1).

Sekjen KSPSI H Rudy Prayitno, Kadiv Subsidise PT BTN Tbk Irwandi Gafar, perwakilan BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, China Rainbow International Invesment, PT Raudhoh Citra Nusantara, dan Asosiasi Pengembang Perumahan dan Pemukiman Seluruh Indonesia (Apersi) foto bersama usai penandatanganan nota kesepahaman Program Pembangunan Satu Juta Rumah untuk Buruh, di Jakarta, Jumat (20/1).

Hal itu, lanjut Rudy, sangat menyulitkan para buruh yang tak mempunyai uang untuk membayar uang muka. “Melalui penandatanganan kerja sama ini, nantinya para buruh bisa memiliki rumah hanya dengan membayar uang muka satu persen dari harga rumah dan cicilan Rp800 ribu selama 20 tahun,” ucapnya.

Harga rumah yang diperuntukkan untuk buruh tersebut beragam. Untuk harga rumah di Jabodetabek dipatok dengan harga Rp143 juta, dan di luar Jabodetabek dengan harga Rp123 juta. Selain itu, harga khusus seperti di Riau, harga rumah untuk buruh tersebut dijual sebesar Rp128 juta, di Sulawesi dengan harga Rp178 juta, dan Papua dengan harga Rp193 juta. “Tipe rumahnya, tipe 36 dengan luas tanah untuk Jabodetabek 60 meter persegi dan di luar Jabodetabek 150 meter pesergi,” jelas Rudy.

Program ‘Satu Juta Rumah untuk Buruh’ merupakan program pemerintahan Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan para buruh. Pembangunan rumah tersebut bekerja sama dengan China Rainbow International Investment, BPJS ketenagakerjaan, Bank Tabungan Negara, PT Roudhoh Citra Nusantara, dan lainnya.

Sementara itu, Presiden Regional Cina Rainbow International Ding Jinwei mengemukakan, kerja sama tersebut mempererat hubungan kedua negara yang sudah terjalin sejak lama. “Kerja sama ini tentunya makin menguatkan hubungan kedua negara yang terjalin sejak lama,” ucap Jinwei.

Kepala Divisi Subsidise PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) Tbk Irwandi Gafar mengatakan, hingga saat ini sekitar 95 persen kredit pemilikan rumah masih dikuasai oleh BTN. “Oleh karena itu, kami berharap kerja sama yang merupakan program nasional ini segera terwujud,” katanya. 

 Xi’an Jiaotong University President Maizeng Zhang met ITM’ s Founder and main shareholder – Mr. Oliver Buck and ITM’s M&A team

Mr Ulrich Kinzel is discussing with Professor Yao from the First affiliated hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University.

RAWSON (ADNSUR) – Se trata de la empresa “China Rainbow International Investment Co. Ltd”, cuyos directivos estuvieron en Rawson presentando proyectos de instalación de una planta de Urea en la región y una destilería de petróleo pesado en la Cuenca del Golfo San Jorge.

El gobernador del Chubut, Mario Das Neves, recibió este viernes por la tarde en la Casa de Gobierno a un grupo empresario de China interesado en realizar millonarias inversiones en la provincia. Los inversores presentaron propuestas de instalación de una destilería de petróleo pesado en la Cuenca del Golfo San Jorge (Comodoro Rivadavia) que sumará valor agregado a la producción petrolera, con la consecuente generación de puestos de trabajo, así como de instalación y construcción de una planta de Urea.

Se trató una primera entrevista con el gobernador, quien los recibió en su despacho, para posteriormente ser el ministro Coordinador de Gabinete, Víctor Cisterna, el que encabezó un encuentro de trabajo con el presidente de la empresa “China Rainbow International Investment Co. Ltd”, Dacan Li; acompañado por los ministros de Hidrocarburos, Sergio Bohe; de Economía, Pablo Oca y de la Producción Hernán Alonso; además del directivo de Petrominera, José Luis Esperón y el subsecretario de Industria, Pablo Mamet.

Tras el encuentro, el ministro de Hidrocarburos, Sergio Bohe indicó que “estuvimos haciendo prospecciones respecto al mercado energético y cuestiones vinculadas al área de producción”.

“Esta reunión es una avanzada de algunos encuentros que ya veníamos llevando adelante pero ahora en territorio”, detalló el Bohe y agregó: “la idea era que el grupo empresario tome contacto institucional con diversos Ministerios y áreas de Gobierno para ver alternativas de financiación de actividades productivas, pero principalmente energéticas y derivadas del petróleo”.

A su vez, el ministro de Hidrocarburos remarcó que “somos muy sensatos con estos temas. El gobernador nos dio orden de ser extremadamente prudentes, pero estamos trabajando desde el primer día de gestión en atraer procesos de inversión, sondear y explorar alternativas para apuntalar la matriz productiva de la provincia y alternativas de reconversión”.

Por último, Bohe destacó que “básicamente lo que hicimos hoy fue evaluar varias líneas de trabajo que tienen que ver con alternativas en torno a la energía, ya sea de generación eléctrica o reconversión, a partir de productos derivados de la refinación del petróleo”

Group Discussion 

The general manager of Criic Ms.Guo Li attended in Argentina and Argentina embassies in Argentina’s traffic Beileigelanuo north-south line electrification project started in the talks.

 (From left: President of Sonar Capital Sdn BHD Mr. Patrick TAN, Tunis Trade Department Minister Mr. Boussaid Mohamed and CRIIC  Pacific President: Mr. Will JW DING)

(From Left: MZABI Group Chairman & CEO Mr. MONCEF MZABI, President of Sonar Capital Sdn BHD Mr. Patrick TAN, President of Industry,Energy,Nature Resources,Infrastructure&Environment Commission Mr.Ameur LARAYEDH and CRIIC Global & Pacific President Mr. Will JW DING)

(Mr.Ameur LARAYEDH and Mr Will JW Ding)

On 1st August 2016, CRIIC  Pacific President Mr. Will JW DING visited Tunis and met Trade Department Minister Mr. Boussaid Mohamed, MZABI Group Chairman & CEO: Mr. MONCEF MZABI and Mr.Ameur LARAYEDH President of Industry,Energy,Nature Resources,Infrastructure&Environment Commission. Accompanied by President of Sonar Capital Sdn BHD Mr. Patrick TAN.

(From left: President of Sonar Capital Sdn BHD Mr. Patrick TAN, Vice President of the Presidential Concil Mr. Dr. Fathi Ali and CRIIC  Pacific President: Mr. Will JW DING)

On 1st August 2016, At the invitation of vice president of Libya, CRIIC  Pacific President Mr. Will JW DING visited Libya. Accompanied by President of Sonar Capital Sdn BHD Mr. Patrick TAN,  Criic is openning a new chapter for future cooperation.

Port Of Jayapura as an important traffic hub wins obvious geographic advantages in Papua Indonesia.

The port of Jayapura is conducive to the future development of LNG marine transport