China Hongqiao Investment Group hand in hand with Datang West City Group, ten billion central enterprises jointly listed enterprises, strong joint to create network red exotic style downtown “Datang Dynasty . CRIIC . XIHONG Mall” Aim to create the colorful luxury exotic streets, from Central Asia Square to Venice Tower, moving scenery, reproduce the DaTang Dynasty. Xi ‘an night economy should not be missed; 30,000 square meters of indoor carrier space rich Silk Road style, approaching the perfect lighting experience; The exterior space can be seen everywhere, and the luxurious and luxurious terrace area. Holding the gold belt of the South Second Ring Road, facing the high-tech phase, backed by top universities, the central city is densely populated, and the commercial value is incomparable.

On August 5, Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja (Chinese name: Mr. Niu Wangdao )held talks and exchanges with Shaanxi Provincial Governor Mr. Zhao Yide. The meeting was accompanied by Yang Zhaoqian, Secretary general of provincial government, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, Director of provincial SASAC, leader of provincial Sports Bureau and chairman of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group.

Ambassador Niu Wangdao expressed to Mr. Zhao Yide his love for the culture and history of Shaanxi during his visit and congratulated Xi ‘an on the modern development of the ancient Silk Road.At the same time, he pointed out that Argentina has a deep relationship with Shaanxi Province, and the main purpose of his visit this time is to solve the urea project invested by Shaanxi enterprises in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego Province.During the talks, he pointed out that the change of government in Argentina had caused the project to stop, not the project itself.In 2022, when Argentina officially joined the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the central government of Argentina and the provincial government of Tierra del Fuedia both hoped to restart the project. On behalf of the two levels of Argentine governments, he promised to support the restart of the project and give certain preferential measures to the Shaanxi Provincial government.After visiting Shaanxi Coal Group, he believes the project will also be successfully restarted, and hopes Governor Zhao will join him to witness the realization of this promise.

Governor Zhao extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Niu Wangdao and his delegation, and said that Shaanxi Provincial government will fully support the restart of the urea project invested by Shaanxi Coal Group in Argentina.

Finally, the two sides hope to strengthen exchanges through football, culture and the establishment of sister cities to promote the development of complementary industries in Argentina and Shaanxi Province.

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) — The report of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was adopted at the recently concluded 20th CPC National Congress.

The report was presented by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, at the opening of the key congress on Oct. 16.

Titled “Hold High the Great Banner of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and Strive in Unity to Build a Modern Socialist Country in All Respects,” the document is divided into three parts and 15 sections and contains more than 30,000 Chinese characters.

Xi attached great importance to the drafting work and led the process throughout. In January this year, it was decided to set up a drafting team, with Xi serving as its head.

In February, Xi presided over the first meeting of the drafting team, marking the beginning of the drafting work.

At that meeting, Xi demanded that the drafting work must fully grasp the following new features of the times:

— While 100 years have passed in the history of the CPC, with many successes achieved, the country is now faced with new strategic opportunities in pursuing development.

— While the Party has united and led the Chinese people in completing the First Centenary Goal, the country faces new strategic development tasks on the new journey to build China into a modern socialist country in all respects.

— While historic achievements have been made in advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the country is entering a new strategic stage in its development.

— While the first decade of the new era has passed, China must continue to open up new horizons and is confronted with new strategic requirements.

— While the combined forces of changes in the world and a pandemic, both unseen in a century, have brought the world into a new period of turbulence and change, China is facing a new strategic environment for its development.

At a session in May, Xi instructed that the report should grasp the historical juncture, focus on the Party’s strategic tasks in the coming five years, uphold fundamental principles and break new ground, and display the fighting spirit.

In June, Xi presided over the fourth meeting of the drafting team, at which the first version of the draft report was discussed. Later in July, Xi chaired two meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to deliberate the draft report.

“The general secretary himself contributed many new and important thoughts and judgements to the report and put forth a series of key measures,” a member of the drafting team said.

The drafting process also pooled wisdom from all sectors of society.

In January, the CPC Central Committee decided to extensively solicit opinions on topics for the report within the Party, and gather opinions and suggestions from non-CPC personages.

An online solicitation of advice on work related to the 20th CPC National Congress was held from April 15 to May 16, the first time that the Party had sought public opinions from both within the Party and throughout society on the work related to the CPC National Congress. More than 8.54 million suggestions and comments were received during this online campaign.

As of Sept. 1, a total of 1,435 suggestions for revision of the draft report had been contributed by local authorities and government departments, after they received a circular on this matter on Aug. 4.

At the seventh plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, which opened on Oct. 9, members of the drafting team heard opinions and advice on the draft report from attendees of the session and made revisions accordingly.

After presenting the report to the Party’s 20th National Congress, Xi said at a group discussion that the report has further charted the way forward for the cause of the Party and the country, and that it will serve as a political manifesto and guide for the Party to unite and lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics on the new journey in the new era.

The draft report was further refined according to opinions collected from the delegates and non-voting participants during the week-long congress.

The report was approved at the congress on Oct. 22. ■

On the morning of March 3, 2022, Li dacan, chairman of China Rainbow, accompanied relevant leaders of Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Rail Transit technology and Equipment Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Municipal Design Institute to visit Yangpu Development Zone, Danzhou City, Hainan Province, and had a discussion with district leaders to explore the feasibility of establishing maglev transportation in the zone.
On March 23, 2022, Dang Xianghong, chairman of the joint-stock company Argentina Tierra del Fuego Co., Ltd., and Li dacan, general manager, visited the Argentine Embassy in China and reported the current situation of the Tierra del Fuego project to the Argentine ambassador to China. The ambassador said he would fully support the restart of the project.

On September 27, 2021, CRIIC’s subsidiary Shanghai Peixiu Co., Ltd. held the first composition and standard setting meeting of automobile Dual cycle Carbon Inclusion Committee in Beijing.

Secretary General Li Jiarui and company staff, together with more than 20 member units such as Guangzhou C&T, Hangzhou C&T, Sichuan Omnicom, Beijing Hyundai, Chery Automobile, etc., have formed a comprehensive organization aiming at achieving green industry upgrading by taking second-hand car export as the carrier, combining technology and green finance.At the meeting, Gao Yang from foreign trade Department of Ministry of Commerce, Chen Haifeng from China Automobile Center, Wang Huijun from Beijing Environment Exchange Co., LTD., Wang Xiaolei, Party Secretary of Chongqing Public Transportation and other relevant leaders made speeches on stage.The research of the association for foreign trade output, deep exploration of carbon emission reduction and other fields is recognized.

On September 28, 2021, Mr. Duan, Secretary of China Railway Construction Real Estate Co., LTD., and Mr. Li Dacan, Chairman of China Rainbow International Investment Co., LTD. Participated in the invitation to bid before the land reconstruction project of China Shipbuilding Dongyi Engineering Group. China ShipBuiding Group, statery plan department and Dongyi Technology & Engineering Group attended the meeting.China Shipbuilding Group is satisfied with the land reconstruction plan of “China Marine Electronics R&D Center (tentative name)” proposed by us.The parties jointly discussed the opinions on some bidding conditions and discussed the requirements for formal invitation for bidding in the future.

September 28, at the VIP Hall of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xi’an, Fengdong Rainbow Science and Technology Industrial Park Project officially signed and formally settled in the Xixian new area.

The project is jointly developed by Fengdong new town Administrative Committee of Xixian new area, , CITIC Zhengye Holding Group Co.Ltd. , Sinopec Xinxing (Beijing) New Energy Development Co.Ltd., and China Rainbow International Investment Co., Ltd. .It is another powerful carrier of modern industrial cluster in the new district, and will inject new industrial impetus into the high-quality development of the new district.

Yue Huafeng, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xi’an and Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Xixian New District, Xu Lifan, vice chairman of CITIC Zhengye Holding Group Co. , Ltd. , and Wang Yibing, chairman of Sinopec Xinxing (Beijing) New Energy Development Co. , Ltd. , chairman of RainbowInternational Investment Limited, Li Dachan; general manager, Guo Li; deputy director of Xixian New Area Management Committee, Chen Hui; and director of Fengdong New town management committee, Liu Zheng, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the contract.

Yue said that Xixian new area, as a state-level new area of the People’s Republic of China area, closely linked to the theme of Innovation in Urban Development, is in a fast-paced development trend with all-out efforts to foster a modern industrial system and constantly upgrade the “three environments” of Ecology, livability and business. It is hoped that the industrial park will persist in high-quality construction, make economical and intensive use of land resources, pay attention to both ecological and environmental protection and industrial development, continuously drive the coordinated development of the surrounding areas, and create a brand park with demonstration and leading function. The new zone will also increase policy support, strengthen environmental protection, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation.

Xu Lifan said that Xixian new area location advantages, industrial factors gathered, rich in human resources, will be able to provide strong support for the development of the park. It is hoped that all parties will further increase their investment in resources, do their best to attract foreign investment, constantly introduce new technologies and explore new models, encourage more talents to gather in the new areas, and create a model of win-win cooperation between the central government and the local governments.

The Fengdong RainbowScience and Technology Industrial Park project is positioned as a cluster of leading enterprises in the fields of electronic information, high-end intelligent manufacturing and headquarters economy, focus on the introduction of 5G, industrial Internet of things, new energy, new materials and technology service industry direction of the domestic top 500 and industry well-known enterprises. Supporting projects will be built into a number of high- standard, high-quality hotels, business centers, apartments, to provide high-end comprehensive service facilities.

The large-scale petrochemical plant imported by the Import and Export Department, 800,000 tons of urea synthesis tower, and reactor equipment have overcome many difficulties. Today, the logistic finnally began.
Thanks to the leaders of Tierra del Fuego Co., Ltd. for their strong support for CRIIC and Chenghe Co., Ltd.

The CRIIC subsidiary, Chenghe Shaanxi, and the China Rainbow (Malaysia) , joined forces to help the Malaysian Nirvana group to donate emergency supplies to the Malaysian government Disaster Agency and the Ministry of Health to combat Covid-19.

A total of 600,000 masks, 8,700 suits and 3,400 suits.

The mission of CRIIC:

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