On August 5, Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja (Chinese name: Mr. Niu Wangdao )held talks and exchanges with Shaanxi Provincial Governor Mr. Zhao Yide. The meeting was accompanied by Yang Zhaoqian, Secretary general of provincial government, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, Director of provincial SASAC, leader of provincial Sports Bureau and chairman of Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Group.

Ambassador Niu Wangdao expressed to Mr. Zhao Yide his love for the culture and history of Shaanxi during his visit and congratulated Xi ‘an on the modern development of the ancient Silk Road.At the same time, he pointed out that Argentina has a deep relationship with Shaanxi Province, and the main purpose of his visit this time is to solve the urea project invested by Shaanxi enterprises in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego Province.During the talks, he pointed out that the change of government in Argentina had caused the project to stop, not the project itself.In 2022, when Argentina officially joined the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the central government of Argentina and the provincial government of Tierra del Fuedia both hoped to restart the project. On behalf of the two levels of Argentine governments, he promised to support the restart of the project and give certain preferential measures to the Shaanxi Provincial government.After visiting Shaanxi Coal Group, he believes the project will also be successfully restarted, and hopes Governor Zhao will join him to witness the realization of this promise.

Governor Zhao extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Niu Wangdao and his delegation, and said that Shaanxi Provincial government will fully support the restart of the urea project invested by Shaanxi Coal Group in Argentina.

Finally, the two sides hope to strengthen exchanges through football, culture and the establishment of sister cities to promote the development of complementary industries in Argentina and Shaanxi Province.