On September 27, 2021, CRIIC’s subsidiary Shanghai Peixiu Co., Ltd. held the first composition and standard setting meeting of automobile Dual cycle Carbon Inclusion Committee in Beijing.

Secretary General Li Jiarui and company staff, together with more than 20 member units such as Guangzhou C&T, Hangzhou C&T, Sichuan Omnicom, Beijing Hyundai, Chery Automobile, etc., have formed a comprehensive organization aiming at achieving green industry upgrading by taking second-hand car export as the carrier, combining technology and green finance.At the meeting, Gao Yang from foreign trade Department of Ministry of Commerce, Chen Haifeng from China Automobile Center, Wang Huijun from Beijing Environment Exchange Co., LTD., Wang Xiaolei, Party Secretary of Chongqing Public Transportation and other relevant leaders made speeches on stage.The research of the association for foreign trade output, deep exploration of carbon emission reduction and other fields is recognized.