September 28, at the VIP Hall of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xi’an, Fengdong Rainbow Science and Technology Industrial Park Project officially signed and formally settled in the Xixian new area.

The project is jointly developed by Fengdong new town Administrative Committee of Xixian new area, , CITIC Zhengye Holding Group Co.Ltd. , Sinopec Xinxing (Beijing) New Energy Development Co.Ltd., and China Rainbow International Investment Co., Ltd. .It is another powerful carrier of modern industrial cluster in the new district, and will inject new industrial impetus into the high-quality development of the new district.

Yue Huafeng, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Xi’an and Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Xixian New District, Xu Lifan, vice chairman of CITIC Zhengye Holding Group Co. , Ltd. , and Wang Yibing, chairman of Sinopec Xinxing (Beijing) New Energy Development Co. , Ltd. , chairman of RainbowInternational Investment Limited, Li Dachan; general manager, Guo Li; deputy director of Xixian New Area Management Committee, Chen Hui; and director of Fengdong New town management committee, Liu Zheng, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the contract.

Yue said that Xixian new area, as a state-level new area of the People’s Republic of China area, closely linked to the theme of Innovation in Urban Development, is in a fast-paced development trend with all-out efforts to foster a modern industrial system and constantly upgrade the “three environments” of Ecology, livability and business. It is hoped that the industrial park will persist in high-quality construction, make economical and intensive use of land resources, pay attention to both ecological and environmental protection and industrial development, continuously drive the coordinated development of the surrounding areas, and create a brand park with demonstration and leading function. The new zone will also increase policy support, strengthen environmental protection, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation.

Xu Lifan said that Xixian new area location advantages, industrial factors gathered, rich in human resources, will be able to provide strong support for the development of the park. It is hoped that all parties will further increase their investment in resources, do their best to attract foreign investment, constantly introduce new technologies and explore new models, encourage more talents to gather in the new areas, and create a model of win-win cooperation between the central government and the local governments.

The Fengdong RainbowScience and Technology Industrial Park project is positioned as a cluster of leading enterprises in the fields of electronic information, high-end intelligent manufacturing and headquarters economy, focus on the introduction of 5G, industrial Internet of things, new energy, new materials and technology service industry direction of the domestic top 500 and industry well-known enterprises. Supporting projects will be built into a number of high- standard, high-quality hotels, business centers, apartments, to provide high-end comprehensive service facilities.